New Products

Tote PhotoLD2000 LoRes_MG_1814Moving? Renovating? Updating your furniture? Make those heavy loads light! The Shoulder Dolly works with your body’s strongest muscles to make the lift safe, easy, and fast. Check out our videos to see it in action. $49.95 plus HST. 4 Shelf BracketNow available: If you like the 3 level shelving options, you’ll love the new 4 level, wider shelf brackets. One extra row of shelving, and 4 more inches of shelf depth. $80.00 each plus HST.

The Newly Available Peel-N-Patch repair system. Easy to use, bonds to all surfaces except polypropylene, and cures in 5 minutes. Once dry, the patch can be drilled, sanded, or painted. The patch is waterproof and resists temperatures as low as -200 C. Watch the video¬†above to see how easy it is, then start making a list of all those repairs you’ve been putting off. It can’t get any simpler! Call JPL Storage today for stock availability.